Calculation of the individual heat transfer coefficient

Forced convection, laminar flow

The following equation is valid for laminar flow conditions (Sieder & Tate):
Sieder & Tate            where
α = individual heat transfer coefficient [W/m2·K]
dh = hydraulic diameter [m] = 4·A/s
A = cross-sectional area [m2]
s = wetted perimeter [m]
λ = thermal conductivity [W/m·K]
μb = dynamic bulk viscosity [Pas]
μw = dynamic wall viscosity [Pas]
L = tube length [m]
Re = Reynolds number [ - ]
Pr = Prandtl number [ - ]
The equation is valid for: Validity of Sieder & Tate

A large number of other equations are available in literature, for different fluids, flow conditions and geometries.

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