Non-Newtonian fluids, time independent

The viscosity of a Non-Newtonian time independent fluid is dependent not only on temperature but also on shear rate.

Depending on how viscosity changes with shear rate the flow behaviour is characterised as:
  • shear thinning - the viscosity decreases with increased shear rate
  • shear thickening - the viscosity increases with increased shear rate
  • plastic - exhibits a so-called yield value, i.e. a certain shear stress must be applied before flow occurs

Shear thinning fluids are also called pseudoplastic and shear thickening fluids are also called dilatant.

Examples of shear thinning fluids:
  • paint
  • shampoo
  • slurries
  • fruit juice concentrates
  • ketchup

Examples of shear thickening fluids:
  • wet sand
  • concentrated starch suspensions

Examples of plastic fluids:
  • quark
  • tomato paste
  • tooth paste
  • hand cream
  • some ketchups
  • grease

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Non-Newtonian time independent fluids
Non-Newtonian time dependent fluids

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