Heat transfer pioneers

Ludwig Prandtl, 1875 - 1953

Ludwig Prandtl            Ludwig Prandtl was born in Freising, Bavaria, Germany on February 4, 1875. He presented a thesis on elastic stability in München in 1900 and held a position as Professor in Applied Mechanics in Göttingen from 1904 until he died on August 15, 1953.

In 1925 Prandtl became the Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Fluid Mechanics. His discovery in 1904 of the boundary layer which adjoins the surface of a body moving in a fluid led to an understanding of streamlines and friction drag on airplane wings and other moving bodies.

The work of Ludwig Prandtl became the basic material of aeronautics. He also made significant contributions to the theories of supersonic flow and of turbulence.

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